Internship with VNA & Blue Water Hospice

At VNA & Blue Water Hospice, we pride ourselves on developing talent and providing opportunities to learn from the best of the best. We want to invest in the future life changing medical and nursing students in this county. We are eager to provide students experience through internship opportunities. We will work with colleges to create a program that will challenge, instruct, and prepare students for their future careers.


Medical and Nursing Students

The best training you can get as a medical or nursing student is hands-on practical experience. While our interns do not provide medical care, we do place interested individuals in the patient homes to provide companionship with hospice patients. In this setting, students are introduced to family dynamics, the need to set boundaries, and the wide varieties of needs that patients have. Additionally, students see the disease progression for a variety of diagnoses. When requested, we try to coordinate episodes where the student can shadow staff.


Find out more about our internship program, please email or call (810) 984-4131.