What is PERS Alert?
PERS Alert is a personal emergency response system for individuals at risk for falls or medical emergencies. The system helps to increase safety and peace of mind, allowing individuals to remain independent in their homes longer. PERS Alert is a medical alert pendent worn by the individual in case of an emergency/medical need – get help with the push of a button. VNA & Blue Water Hospice serves local monitoring and oversight providing assurance that once the senior has their pendent, they are not left on their own. VNA is a direct connect to the senior on a regular basis to be sure the system is working for them.

Contact us with questions at (810) 984-4131 or email at [email protected]

Do I need to have a physician referral to get PERS Alert?
No! Anyone age 60 and over who lives in St. Clair County can request the PERS Alert system.

What is the cost?
Services of the PERS Alert are provided by the Commission on Aging and financed through the St. Clair County Senior Citizens Millage.

How do I start an assessment to get the PERS Alert system for me or someone else?
You can begin the assessment by completing the short online application below, or call us at (810) 984-4131.